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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment 2016

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Namaste! :) I know all of you want to make money online without investing anything. So if you really want to earn good amount of money by doing online work then this article is for you. In this post I will be sharing few easy ways to make money online. There are many ways to earn money online but in this post I am gonna tell you some easy ways to make decent money by doing nothing. :) Nowadays everyone want's to earn some extra cash online along with study, job etc. So today I'll share some easy ways to earn good amount of money online. 
I will split this article in two parts 1. For those who have Blog or Website and 2. For those who doesn't have any Blog or Website. 

Earn Money Online With Your Blog or Website 

If you are a blogger and want to earn decent amount of money by using your Blog or Website then this method is for you. Nowadays everyone has their Blog. So use your blog as a money making machine. There are many ways to earn money online with your blog but I'll share some of them which are best and easy. So let's start - 

Using AdSense - Google AdSense is best choice to make money with your blog by showing ads on your Blog or Website. AdSense is No.1 advertiser which pays awesome money. You can apply for AdSense to show ads on your Blog. AdSense is best Advertising Network but it's difficult to get approved by Google AdSense. I already wrote an article on How to approve Google AdSense in a minute on your Blog. Read this article to get approved by AdSense in very first attempt - Click Here! 

Using Infolinks - Infolinks is also good advertiser which shows ads on your blog. But it has many features such as In-text ads, Pop-up ads etc. If AdSense not approve your blog then you can use Infolinks which also pays good revenue. Use my referral link to get accepted by Infolinks - Click Here! 

Note - You can use both AdSense and Infolinks on your blog. 

Using Fileice - Here is another way to earn good money with your blog. Fileice is No.1 PPD (Pay Per Download) Network which pays awesome revenue per download. You can earn unlimited money by using Fileice. You have to do is just upload your unique and useful files on and share that link on your blog. People have to complete a short survey to get that file and after survey completion file will unlock and you will be paid. Fileice pays 1$ - 25$ per download. But it's also hard to get approved by Fileice but don't worry if they deny your account then I have an offer for you, I am selling Approved Fileice Account's at cheapest price. If you want to purchase Fileice account then - Click Here! 
Payment via - Paypal | Wire Transfer | Bank Deposit | By Cheque 
Using AdFoc - You can also make good money by using AdFoc Network. It's very easy and there is not approving problem as they accept everyone's account. :P AdFoc pays revenue by showing ads for 5 sec. You have to do is just put your link in Adfoc, it will short that link and when someone clicks on that link he/she have to wait for 5 seconds then you will be paid. It pays when your revenue reaches 10$. So why are you waiting for just - Click Here! 
Payment via - Paypal | Bitcoin

Make Money Online Without Blog or Website - 

If you don't have any blog or website and wanna earn some extra cash then don't worry I have some methods for you to make awesome money online without investment and without blog. 

Using Usercloud - is online free file hosting website which offers you to upload unlimited files and get paid when someone downloads your file. For Usercloud you need not to have blog or website just upload your files and share link on Facebook and other social websites. They pays when you reaches 5$ :) You can also refer a friend to earn extra money. Join Usercloud by using my referral link - Click Here! 
Payment via - Paypal

Using YouTube - I think need not to introduce YouTube as everyone knows about YouTube. But few knows that we can earn good money by using YouTube. You have to upload your videos on and enable Monetization to show ads in your videos. You will be paid for showing ads in your videos. Earning depends upon views and clicks. It's same as using AdSense on your blog or website. And you also need an approved Google AdSense account to get your earned money. 
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If you have any query or doubts regarding this article then don't hesitate to ask in comments below. 

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